The Red Pyramid

I just finished reading Rick Riordan’s newest book, and I was pleased to find it as much fun as his Lightning Thief series.  Granted, there were some places where the writing was not outstanding and where the plot seemed a bit forced, but overall I had a hard time putting it down. The story this time focuses on a brother/sister duo who need to save the world from the chaos forces of Ancient Egyptian mythology.  While I knew most of the Greek mythology that served as the basis of Percy Jackson’s adventures, I am not nearly as familiar with the Egyptian mythology that is incorporated into this new effort.  And now I want to learn more!

In this first book, there are none of the characters from Percy Jackson’s world; however, Manhattan is mentioned as a place that the Egyptian gods avoid (because, duh, Mt. Olympus is there).  I do wonder if the two worlds will collide in this series at some point?  Part of me would love it; part of me thinks it would just be too much.  But I can’t wait to see to what happens next, regardless.


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