Edgy Book #3 – Double Helix

I decided to stick with Nancy Werlin for book #3 after reading Impossible, mainly because I wanted to see if her writing style was similar in a completely different story and to see how she wrote a male narrator.  My conclusion: not bad, Nancy, not bad at all. Double Helix is one of those cool, slightly freaky sci-fi novels that makes you think about the ethical dilemmas that have already started to face us as  a society and will only become more prevalent as our science catches up to the science in these books.  The plot was a bit slow in developing, but for me, it helped to build my curiosity about WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?? (My curiosity wasn’t quite at an all caps level, but close enough.) I especially loved the last bit, where the main character goes to MIT and talks to the professor of a bioethics class–great food for thought.

Oh, and the romantic relationship between the main character and his girl was sweet; I wanted to punch him at one point (if you read it, you’ll know when), but he came to his senses.


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