Fever Crumb (not on the edgy book list)

I took a break from my edgy reads to pick up Fever Crumb because it looked so darn cool when it arrived in our last book order of the year. Set in a future Earth where tinfoil is rare and ancient, as are a ton of other everyday things we take for granted, Fever Crumb is the only girl to EVER be allowed in the Engineering Order. She’s been raised to think rationally and abstain from all emotions, and she has managed to stick to that pretty darn well. That fact, sadly, made for a character that I had a hard time truly connecting with.  I need some EMOTION in my peeps. Don’t get me wrong; she’s a likeable girl. Her heart is in the right place; she’s got a strong moral compass, and she does a kick-butt job of being intelligent.  And as the story develops, so does her emotional side. There are definitely some interesting ideas running through the book, particularly about the stratification of society and the problems that arise when an elite minority rules over a mistreated majority.  At least one more installment is forthcoming, and I’ll pick it up, just to see what happens next.


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