Student Book Review: Dark Life

I would recommend Dark Life for a teenage boy or girl who is looking for an apocalyptic adventure book. The reason for recommending it is because there are two main characters named Ty and Gemma, so a girl or boy could enjoy this book. When their world is destroyed by rising oceans, Ty and his family moved underwater and started a home there. Most people moved underwater because chaos broke out above, but some stayed above the water and were called topsiders. Gemma came from above looking for her lost brother. I would recommend this book because of the fast paced adventure that makes the reader never want to put the book down. Also because the book makes the reader create a vision in his/her mind. This can be a little difficult at first but as the book goes on it gets easier. Last is the mystery in this novel is very exciting The mystery leads one to believe one thing is happening and then something will happen that makes you think totally different which I like.  In all, this book was a very action packed exciting novel that is a quick easy read. – Kyle Nicholas, 9th Grade


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