Student Book Review: Some Girls Are

I read the book Some Girls Are by Courtney Summers and I recommend it for female readers in high school; the book has some mature themes about sex and alcohol so I don’t think the book would be appropriate for anyone younger than high school. In this story, her best friend’s boyfriend rapes a senior in high school, Regina. Readers of this book need to be mature and okay with heavy themes and the gross but realistic things that happen to teenage girls every day.

This book is about Regina’s life after she is raped. However, her best friend, Anna Morrison, does not believe that her boyfriend raped Regina. Anna begins to try and ruin Regina’s life in school by spray painting her locker with insults and using her powers as the most popular girl in school to turn everyone against Regina. Most teenage girls have had days or even weeks like Regina has, where no one in school looks at them with the friendly smile they’re used to, or reaches out for a hug in the hall. Instead of what Regina is used to, she walks into school on what she thinks is a regular Monday, to find out she is ostracized from her click and not one person in school will speak to her.

For any teenage girl who has ever felt alone in a school full of people, this book would be a good thing to read. What Regina goes through can show teenage female readers that they are never alone. This book also has an interesting boy girl relationship with Regina and a boy she never noticed until he was the only one who understood her and didn’t judge her. Regina falls in love with someone she never even noticed in school before, someone she thought was never good enough for her, someone “not on her level.” Until she realizes being popular doesn’t make her the best, it just makes her the most noticed. There are a countless number of lessons in this book that a girl in the right age group would gain from this story and keep with her throughout life. – Maddie Graw, 9th Grade


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