Student Review: Life as We Knew It

I read Life as We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer, and it was an exhilarating and heart-warming novel. It is the story of a family in Pennsylvania who has to struggle to survive wild elements after a meteor hits Earth’s moon and knocks it out of orbit. This incident did not only cause damage to Pennsylvania or the United States but to the whole world. Volcanoes, earthquakes, and other disturbances to Earth occurred as a result of this catastrophe. I would recommend Life as We Knew It to anyone who enjoys suspenseful but emotional novels. Also, I think that this book would be better for teenaged girls because of the recurring boy/girl relationships and internal issues with the main character, Miranda. Life as We Knew It would also be good for teenaged girls because the whole novel is in the format of a diary written by Miranda who tells about the daily experiences of herself and her family. Lastly, I would recommend the novel because I think that it would show whoever reads it the value and importance of family and give them a greater appreciation of the simple things in life. I enjoyed Life as We Knew It very much and look forward to reading more of Susan Pfeffer’s works! – Morgan Thomas, 9th Grade


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