Student Review: Wither

Lauren Destefano’s Wither is a book that I just cannot put down. The main character, Rhine Ellery, is kidnapped and forced into the life of being the bride of a rich bachelor. The story takes place in a future dystopian world, after a huge world war, where only America survives. When scientists try to perfect the human race, they are successful, but there is a price. Males only live to age 25, and females only live to age 20. Since each life has an expiration date, young women, ages 13-18, are kidnapped from their homes and forced to marry people just so that they can produce children. This book initially appeals to me because I was told it was similar to The Hunger Games, another dystopian-world book I really enjoyed. While reading it, I find ways I can relate to Rhine since she was just about my age. Though our lives are completely different, I still saw the teenage-girl qualities in her. When I read it, I never want to put it down. Thankfully, it is part of a trilogy, so the excitement doesn’t just stop there. I feel that any girl my age who enjoys dystopian fiction books would really like Wither. I think that the book really proves that having everything one can imagine is not always fulfilling. In conclusion, I hope other girls will read Wither, and enjoy it as much as I did. – Lizzie Purnell, 9th Grade

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