Reading Promotion Screen Savers

I totally got this idea from someone else’s website/blog, but I can’t find it for the life of me.  So whoever thought of this, thank you, and I will try to find your link to add to this post.*

The idea is to make your own screen saver using Powerpoint, that you can then play on the computers in your library as a simple way to get exposure for titles in your collection. There are a few simple steps to follow in order to this…

1) Open a new PowerPoint presentation

2) Add pictures of your book covers, and any text you desire (not much!) to each slide.

3) Save the PowerPoint to the My Pictures folder of the computer.

4) Save the PowerPoint as a jpeg file (you have to scroll down through the available formats).  It will ask if you want to export every slide as a Jpeg.  Yes! You Do!

5) Go to your desktop and right click on the screen.  Click on “properties.”

6) Select the Screen Saver tab, and customize it to use pictures from your My Pictures folder.  You can then choose to just show the pictures from your PowerPoint file.

Below is a link to a PowerPoint slideshow I made for the Teen’s Top Ten 2012 nominees; feel free to use it if you like! (Just download it and save it as a jpg to your My Pictures file.)

Teens’ Top Ten 2012

* Found the link! I got this idea from the Reading 2.0 wiki: Create Your Own Screen Saver


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