Scarlet by A.C Gaughen is the best twist on the Robin Hood story ever. If anyone has ever watched the movie Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, there is a character named Will Scarlet( played by Christian Slater in the movie). Imagine him as a girl in disguise and you get the main character Scarlet.

In this version of the legend, Robin Hood and company are helping the poor while King Richard is away and Nottingham is a tyrant… same as usual, right? But in this story, Nottingham is so desperate to get rid of  Robin and his crew that he hires the infamous Thief Taker, Lord Gisbourne. Where is the Lady Marian  in this story you may ask? Well she is well hidden and not at all safe.

This version of the Robin Hood story is set back farther in time. Robin is the same: a land-less lord who returns from the Crusades to find his father murdered. Scarlet is well, Scarlet. She is a thief by profession and has taught everyone else in the crew how to steal. She was brought to Nottingham by Robin from London.  John is 18 (the same age as Scarlet) and still has the same personality except that he hangs out with women more than the other stories say. Tuck is not a Friar that we know of, but is a drunken tavern/inn owner; the crew meets in his tavern but they live in a giant tree in Sherwood Forest. Much is relatively new, he isn’t in any other stories I’ve heard, and has lost his hand in an attempt to steal something. He got caught though and paid the price for it.

Scarlet is not appropriate for young children. It is a young adult book, but it isn’t that graphic. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves adventure books, or just the Robin Hood story.


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