A WONDERful story (couldn’t resist the pun)

I started, and finished, Wonder by RJ Palacio last night.  What an awesome, heart warming book.  It was especially welcome after the apocalyptic kick I’ve been on (Stephen King’s Gunslinger and Robopocalypse most recently).

Wonder tells the story of 5th grader August, born with severe facial abnormalities.  He is entering his first year of school, with both terror and anticipation, and the story follows this year of his life. There are a number of things I really enjoyed about this book…First of all, the theme of kindness to others was incredibly strong throughout the book, without being preachy. Second, the story uses multiple perspectives, so that the reader gains deeper understandings of what might otherwise be stock minor  characters.  Third, this book made me cry.  I know that might seem like a negative to some people, but for me, it means I became truly invested in the lives’ of these characters. Fourth, this book is one of those that makes you think about your own actions, and examine, at least for a while, how you can improve the world around you.

I would recommend this book to literally anyone. I think that everyone can use a good dose of happy from their reading, and this book delivers.


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