The Other Wes Moore

I read the Other Wes Moore for my summer reading book. Basically, it follows the life of two people who had the same circumstances at birth. Now, one is a Rhodes scholar, military veteran, and Hopkins alumni. The other will spend his life in jail for an armed robbery that resulted in a policeman’s death.

It was, all around, a pretty good book. There was some confusion. Since the characters have the same name, it took a little bit getting them straight. However, it wasn’t hard to read. It didn’t use a strange method of writing. The fact that it was a true story made it more interesting.

The best thing about the book was the questions it forced upon the reader. It wasn’t some super philosophical book that only asked questions and had no interesting plot. But it did pose an idea for the reader. What makes us who we are? They lived in similar circumstances. Was it “Nature vs. Nurture”? There were some minute differences in their family life. Does our family make us who we are? The book doesn’t make an effort to force your opinion one way or the other. It presents the given facts and then allows the reader to make a decision.

Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone. For people that love excitement, the book has more then enough to go around. At no point did the story feel dull or slow. For people that love to think, the book has a ton of that too. The Other Wes Moore, from me, receives four stars. ****

Zak Rosen, 16′


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