Showoff by Gordon Korman

I am reviewing the book entitled above.  Gordon Korman has outdone himself.  I thought the plot was creative and the dialogue believable as well.  I was sad when the book was finished! However, I don’t believe that the book compared to the other novels in the series.  It was good, but not what really followed the feel of the other books. There was less action and it was very predictable.  I also felt the book to be rushed.  Everything happened so fast. Although, that is usually how the books in the series are.  I thought that the writing style stood out. The words flowed very well.  I enjoyed the book, but the baseline of the plot was nothing new.  Mr. Korman took an old idea and attempted to present it in a new way.  This book was good, maybe even great, but it could’ve been better. — Annie Bennett ’19


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