When March Went Mad – Student Review

WhenMarchWentMadI would recommend When March Went Mad to people who love interesting books about basketball. This book keeps readers engaged throughout the whole book.  The change of perspectives makes the book even more engaging. I think the author did a great job of writing this book. Especially the way the book was written around the rivalry between two great college basketball athletes who would go to the NBA. Seth Davis is known for writing sport books.  I would also recommend this book to people who like suspense and excitement. The main scene that I enjoyed was how Seth Davis explained the NCAA championship game. “Over the next minute, Bird had two of his best looks of the night but missed them both. He was now 4 for 13 from the floor.” (211)  Seth Davis expressed many emotions through a variety of word choices. When I got to this point in the book, I could not even put the book down!  – Keon Butler, 9th Grade


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