Last Chance For First: Student Book Review


So who would enjoy this novel? Well, the novel was written specifically for soccer fans, but I believe that more than just soccer fans would enjoy this novel because the book is extremely realistic. It describes in detail many of the uncommon, yet existent, and common events that occur in high school and on the field. Anybody who can relate to being a high school athlete would easily enjoy this novel. The novel is action packed, and keeps the reader on his or her feet. It contains many intense moments on and off the field. There are parts in the novel when the reader is on his or her heels cheering for the home team. Take for example, the passage: “We completely didn’t expect such a reckless move, especially not from a no-chances team like Pearson. They had used Buitano as a decoy to draw our best defender away from Tommy, and had a two man advantage on attack before I, or our other two forwards, could get back to help.” This passage has the reader on their feet wondering what might happen next (107). (Unfortunately, they did score.) Any athlete can relate to situations like this one.  Because of how interesting and realistic the novel is, I believe that anybody looking for a good read would enjoy this novel.  – Adam Needle, 9th Grade


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