A Stolen Life: Student Book Review


I would recommend this book to anyone 14 or older who is interested in real life stories and open to reading about difficult life events. The language and actions are quite vulgar at some times, such as the chapter “The First Time,” because that chapter is too graphic and detailed for a younger person. I would definitely suggest this memoir to any high school student. Even though some of the material is graphic, it is a memoir with a great message: no matter what situation one is in, perseverance will get him or her through it. Also, the story is so unbelievable that reading it will change the reader’s life.  Jaycee’s life is so intriguing and the book is written very well. It even has a xeroxed copy of her journal. Finally, if one has read a memoir, this is a great example of that genre.  A memoir is fun to read because it is a personal and true life story. – Maddie McDaniel, 9th Grade


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