Gone: Student Book Review


The story Gone by Michael Grant is about an apocalyptic, child-ruled economy called the Fall-out Ally Youth Zone (FAYZ). The FAYZ is populated by kids of the age 14 and under. Everyone above 15 has suddenly disappeared and can’t be found. The main character Sam evolves through the story from a timid 14 year old to the leader of rampant kids in the FAYZ, as his 15th birthday approaches rapidly. Someone like Jack Zuschnitt would enjoy this book because it has a lot of intense action like when Sam enters a burning building to save a little girl, or gruesome details such as the car crash with Lana. It’s a very fun book, however, and it’s perfect for a reader around 14 or 15. The main reason I recommend this book is the focus on the children Grant create: children learn to cope with loss and hardship, step up to leadership in troubled times, and mutate and get special powers. Some of the material in the book is awesome, some is hard to stomach, and some is so unexpected that you have to keep reading. Gone is without a doubt one of the best books I’ve ever read and I definitely recommend it. – Shiv Saini, 9th Grade


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