Divergent: Student Review

Divergent_hqA person who would like the book Divergent would be someone who loves action, adventure and a little love story in the book the person is reading. Specifically, I think people between the ages of 12-40 would love this book! It has everything that a reader could want in a book. For example, Divergent is filled with suspense. It has action; it also has a huge plot twist and a little bit of love! This is the type of book that makes a person want to keep reading late into the night and pick it up first thing in the morning. Anybody who liked the Hunger Games will love this book as well. At one point in the book, Tris (the main character who is 16 years old) and her father are trying to save Tris’s boyfriend who is under the control of a serum which makes him do whatever Jeanine (the bad person) says, Veronica has a different style of writing but it is very engaging, “Another shot and the last guard is down. ‘Dad’ I say. I mean for it to be a shout, but it is just a wheeze. He slumps to the ground. Our eyes meet, his mouth opens like he’s about to say something, but then his chin drops to his chest and his body relaxes” (451). Tris has just witnessed her father die. This is the type of descriptive writing found in Divergent. She mixes short and long sentences to keep the reader interested. Divergent is very suspenseful, the whole time I was reading this book I wanted it to end not because I don’t like reading, but rather because the suspense was literally eating me away. – Tyler Perreten, 9th Grade


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