Forrest Gump: Student Review

gumpForrest Gump is a great role model; he proves that someone doesn’t have to be smart to do great things. This book showed me just how lucky we are. Forrest had to live a life on his own. His dad passed away when he was young and his mom got sick. Forrest basically had to make all of his decisions by himself. He also was a very poor child and couldn’t make friends easily because he was mentally handicapped. Forrest always tried to do what was right. However, since he didn’t always know right from wrong sometimes he would do the wrong thing. Then he would get yelled at even when he didn’t know what he did was wrong. This book takes place mostly in the 1960’s and 70’s when many people did not treat the handicapped nicely because they were different. In today’s world, I wish for people to give others a chance. – Owen Jaccard, 9th Grade


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