Havoc: Student Review

wooding havocThe book Havoc is the sequel to the best seller Malice, both by Chris Wooding.

The plot in Havoc was the same as the first book Malice, the whole scenario of getting stuck in a comic book, and saving the world inside is always a great plot to read and it never really comes up much in writings. I have now read both books and I thought both were very nice, although the first one was slightly better due to the fact that it started at the beginning and I wasn’t yet associated with the characters and goal of the story. Havoc wasn’t really my favorite though, although the story telling and added plot did make a great book and a nice end to the series I feel as if I was very un excited while reading it due to the repetitive plot. The part of the book that did interest me however is when Kady, Seth and friends meet the group named Havoc, which is where the books title comes from. Even though I personally did not like this book as much as I did the previous one, I would definitely still recommend it for its characters, comic art, and very detailed story telling. – Izzy Morales, 9th Grade


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