Plain Kate: Student Review

plainPlain Kate by Erin Bow is a complicated and exciting novel. It is a fiction book and has the use of magic and witchery in it. The type of person who might like this novel would be someone who is into sci-fi, but who can also handle a little gore. There are a couple of scenes when the author gets very descriptive about injuries. The scenes are actually quite unsuspected considering this book is a “girl book”. It wasn’t the most girly book I’ve read, but boys would probably get bored reading it. I would recommend this book to not only people who like this genre, but also to people who just want a good read. It has humorous characters, and they made me laugh a few times. This book also is very complex; the reader can never really get bored. There is also some twist happening that one wouldn’t expect. And lastly, I would recommend this book because it really draws in a reader. The main character, Plain Kate, is not very emotional in the beginning of the book. It makes one wonder what she could possibly be hiding from the rest of the world. Slowly throughout the book, she starts to loosen up and lets people into her head. I guess she just ends up less plain. Plain Kate is an incredible story, and I think many people would enjoy it. – McKaila Burton, 9th Grade


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