Some Girls Are: Student Review

some girlsI read the book Some Girls Are and I would not recommend this book to anyone.  The book was about a girl named Regina who was raped but none of her friends would believe her. After reading the book, I was very unimpressed by how the book was written. The plot line was slow: at some parts, nothing would happen for thirty pages. There were two whole chapters in the book where it was just Regina and her friend in a diner talking; it was a very pointless, boring, and a very long scene. I would consider the novel to be a “trashy” novel because it didn’t make the reader think, and it had lots of drug and alcohol content. For example, at the beginning of the book, Regina was at a party and she was mentioning that she was the only sober person at the party.  The book was also very inappropriate and very unrealistic. The idea that the narrator’s whole school turned against her is very unbelievable and would never happen in real life. Regina was “frozen out” by all of her friends and classmates meaning everyone was totally ignoring her and trying his or her best to make her life miserable. Overall, I highly recommend students do not read this book and choose a more intellectually stimulating novel and a higher level read. – Casey Boldt


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