The Boys of Winter: Student Review

boysSomebody who would like this book would be somebody who enjoys sports in general and likes a book based on a true story. I would recommend that a reader be in high school because it may be a little hard for a middle school student to follow. I do not play hockey, but I was able to understand what the author was saying. The author, Wayne Coffey, has a lot of action and exciting moments in the story. For example, he describes the crowd when the U.S. won, “U-S-A, U-S-A chants filled the Field House, over and over” (238). I could feel like you were there while everything was happening. During the book I always knew what he is trying to say and he gives a lot of interesting details; “After the Russians cleared out of their rooms in the Lake Placid Olympic Village, cleanup workers found 121 empty Vodka bottles in the dropped ceilings of their units” (259). This lets the reader know that the Russians were heavy drinkers and upset that they lost to the U.S. Wayne lets the reader know exactly what everyone is thinking and that makes the game a lot more interesting than it would have been if he just gave general play by play analysis. The author also shows pictures of the game in the middle of the book which helps put the reader in the action of the story. Wayne also gives statistics of the game which shows how the Soviets should have won the game handily. Overall this was a very good book, and I would read it again! – Doug Hill, 9th Grade


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