Through My Eyes: Jacob Mandish

Through-My-Eyes-by-Tim-TebowThe book Through My Eyes by Tim Tebow was a very fascinating and wonderful book to read. The book tells the story of him as he matures and the lessons he learns in his spiritual and life journeys. I would highly recommend this book to any kind of athlete. This is because in every athlete’s life, he or she goes through great games and not so great games. The key to every win and loss is how the emotions are held after the game. Tim Tebow in his book goes through many circumstances that relate to any kind of athlete. This includes Bryan O’fiesh, and which is why I am highly recommending this book for him to read. Bryan would like this book because of his athletic background, religious beliefs, and because he is not an active reader.
Bryan is a very talented offensive lineman. Like Tim Tebow, Bryan plays really great games, and he also doesn’t have the greatest of games. I believe that as Bryan reads the book, he can relate to the different things that happened to Tim Tebow as he played football at Florida. By relating to the different circumstances like, when Tebow beat out Darren McFadden, Colt Brennan, and Chase Daniel for the Heisman Trophy award in 2007 and then, coming in 3rd place in the 2008 Heisman Trophy race the following year, Tim Tebow went through a lot of ups and downs in his college career which helped him become a better professional quarterback. By Bryan relating to Tim Tebows circumstances, I feel that he can help himself improve on how he handles great things in his life, along with the not so great things that will happen in his life. I believe that Bryan would greatly appreciate Tim Tebow’s words and my recommendation.
Bryan as well as Tim Tebow and I all believe in the Chastain faith and actively attend church. In everything Tim Tebow does and encounters in his life, he puts a religious twist to it. For example, when Tim Tebow reflects on the verse Philippians 4:13: “That was a perfect to summarize my approach to football, and it seemed like a good verse to go with the first time out of the box. Paul’s point is that Christ gives us the ability to be content with a little or a lot” (178). I greatly appreciate him including the religious twist to his book because just by reading the book, my faith in my religion greatly grew. I believe that by reading and relating to Tim Tebow with his religious circumstances helped me become more aware of my surroundings while I play any kind of sport. This aspect of the book I really liked and Mr. O’fiesh would as well.

Finally, like me, Bryan O’fiesh is not an active reader. When I picked up the book Through My Eyes by Tim Tebow, I initially assumed that I would become bored with the book like I do most books, but this book was different and I could not put the book down because the book was very engaging when I read it. For example, in the author’s acknowledgements on the first page of the book, Tebow writes: “To all those who have been told that they couldn’t achieve their dream” (1). By this first statement by Tim Tebow, I knew that the book was going to be a lot different then other books that I have read. When a person like me says that a book like Through My Eyes is a very easy read, then it must be an easy read. With only 260 pages of great words from a great author, all the time I spent reading the book was worth it. Bryan would definitely like this book and I would bet that when he starts to read he could not be able to put the book down no matter how hard he tries.

In conclusion, the book Through My Eyes by Tim Tebow was a very good book with many great conflicts, an amazing climax, and a perfect resolution which I will not present due to Bryans presence in the room, but I do believe he would enjoy all of it. Because of Bryan’s athletic, religious, and reading backgrounds that compare between the two of us, I believe he would really enjoy the book and greatly appreciate my recommendation of the book Through My Eyes by Tim Tebow. – Jacob Mandish, 9th Grade


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