Carter Finally Gets It: Student Review

carterThe book Carter Finally Gets It is a very funny book about a boy named Will Carter. The book is written about his last few weeks of summer and his first year in high school. Carter tries in many ways to fit in and be popular. Brent Crawford writes this book as a very fast paced book with a lot of humor and action. Anyone who wants to laugh when reading would love this novel. Keon would love to read this book because the humor that the author uses is very similar to Keon’s. Keon is always joking around when he is with his friends and that is what creates the same humor that happens in Carter Finally Gets It. Carter is always getting into a predicament whether it is in school, at parties, with the police or even within his own group of friends. For example, Carter went to a party that got busted by the police, and as he was running away from the police he got into a fist fight with his best friend EJ. I would highly recommend this book especially for a high school boy with great humor. The book’s plot is always moving with very exciting incidents throughout the whole novel. – Bryan O’Fiesh, 9th grade


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