Cujo: Student Review

cujoI read the book Cujo by Stephen King. It is definitely a thriller and gave me chills as I read it.  It’s a book for readers who like horror, suspense, and “real” life monsters.  Cujo is a friendly dog that is bitten by a bat and becomes rabid. The first description of his rabid state reads, “thick white foam dripped slowly from between Cujo’s teeth … his head clanged dully with murder” draws the reader in and keeps the reader riveted until the last page(King 98).  I recommend this book because it is an exciting thriller that leaves the reader anxious to find out what is going to happen on the next page. It is frightening because the story could easily become a reality.  The novel gives the reader a sneak peek into the scary world of Stephen King. I would recommend that this novel is for 9th grade or older because of the amount of explicit vulgar language and graphic scenes.  Cujo is an excellent novel and I recommend this book. – Liam McFaden, 9th grade.


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