Tupac or Shakespeare?

shakespeare-rapperWe recently challenged our students (and staff) to figure out who penned the following lines… Tupac or Shakespeare?  Give it a try and see if you can figure it out!  Answers will be posted in one week.

How can the Devil take a brother if he’s close to me?  – Shakespeare or Tupac

That’s an ill phrase. – Shakespeare or Tupac

How could it be through the misery that came to pass / The hard times make a true friend afraid to ask – Shakespeare or Tupac

Holla, you clown! – Shakespeare or Tupac

The solitary mind of a madman who screams in the dark / Evil lurks, enemies, see me flee – Shakespeare or Tupac

I’ll teach you how to flow. – Shakespeare or Tupac

I heard a rumor I died, murdered in cold blood dramatized – Shakespeare or Tupac

To lead the wild into the ways of the man /Follow me; eat my flesh, flesh and my flesh – Shakespeare or Tupac

He speaks plain cannon fire, and smoke and bounce. – Shakespeare or Tupac

I have within my mind / A thousand raw tricks of these bragging Jacks, / Which I will practice. – Shakespeare or Tupac

I am the dog: no, the dog is himself, and I am the dog–Oh! the dog is me, and I am myself. – Shakespeare or Tupac

You knights of Tyre / Are excellent in making ladies trip. – Shakespeare or Tupac

 Our tongue is rough, coz, and my condition is not smooth.  – Shakespeare or Tupac

The plan, to take command of the whole family / Though underhanded, to be the man it was planned – Shakespeare or Tupac

Our cake’s dough on both sides. – Shakespeare or Tupac

Misplaced hate makes disgrace to races – Shakespeare or Tupac

Trip no further, pretty sweeting.  – Shakespeare or Tupac

Look, when I serve him so, he takes it ill. – Shakespeare or Tupac


The spark for this idea, and the Shakespeare quotes, come from HTMLGIANT.


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