Why We Broke Up: Student Review

why we brokeThe novel Why We Broke Up is about a relationship that seems to be going well, but deep down readers all know that this relationship will not end well. We can tell because the two teenagers are from two different worlds: one does everything perfect, while the other is a jock who thinks he is God.  The girl writes a long letter explaining why they ended their relationship and gives everything back to her ex-boyfriend that they ever shared.  Before each chapter, there is a picture which shows the item that she kept from the relationship.   I would recommend this book to any one that is looking for relationship advice or if you are looking for romantic heart break story. The illustrations of the items she returns to her ex-boyfriend are painted and look very realistic. I thought that it added much detail to the story and helped with the explaining of each gift. The illustrations make the reader wonder what does this have to do with their relationship? The story was well written because it has a bunch of details.  The book might seem boring at times, but if you read through the boring parts, there is always a interesting part of the story that makes up for it.  One of the scenes that was my favorite is when they go out to breakfast and have a plan to steal the sugar.  He steals the sugar for her so she can bake a cake. Leading up to this scene she buys him a jacket so he can hide the sugar inside. What made this scene better was before the chapter there was a picture of an oversized jacket and a jar of sugar. I would recommend this novel because of the details, illustrations, and relationship advice that is given throughout the story. – Abbey Dengler, 9th grade


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