T.P. and the Puppy Adventures: Student Book Review

goosedGoosed by Bill Wallace is a very cute story about a dog named T.P. that has to deal with a puppy that comes into his life. T.P.s owner’s name is Jeff. There’s some down sides about the puppy, like it’s wild, noisy, and asks a lot of questions. But one day the puppy just goes crazy and chases after a goose, and it’s downhill from there. I would recommend this book to grades 4-6. This book has a really cool narration, interesting characters, and an exciting genre.

This book is narrated by a dog named T.P. The cool thing is that everything in the book is narrated by him. So everything is from the dog’s point of view. For example in the book T.P. thinks the pool is a giant drinking bowl. Another example from the book is T.P. accidentally jumps on Jeff in his parents’ bed.

The characters are pretty interesting too. The characters have very amusing personalities. Jeff is really a nice kid but when the puppy comes all attention is turned to the new dog. Jeff is also very brave; he jumped into an icy cold pool to save the puppy. Jeff’s friend Mandy is also really kind. She has a warmhearted personality.

The genre makes the whole book even more interesting. The genre is science fiction and that means it could be based on a true story or it could actually happen. Only some parts of the book couldn’t really happen, like for example, a dog telling a story or talking. But the actions or scenes that are in the book are real like for example it could actually snow, and someone could lose their balance on the side of a pool and fall in like Jeff did.

This book is widely recommend for 4-6 graders. The book has really amusing characters, narration, and genre. Read this book; you won’t want to take you eyes off of the pages. Whether you’re a dog lover or just like a good story this is a book for you!

– Emma Agro, Grade 6


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