August: Student Book Review

Warning: This review has spoilers!

The bwonderook Wonder by R. J. Palacio is about a 10 year old boy named August who is a perfectly normal boy except for he has a deformed face. The New York Times best seller focuses each chapter on a different character in the story. The characters include: Via, August, Mom, Dad, Summer, and Jack. August, the main character, has always been looked at funny. He was only supposed to live until three but a miracle happened. He has been home schooled his whole life but now in middle school his mom signs him up to go to a private school. At first he doesn’t want to go and is mad at his mom, but then he decides to try it. When he goes to the school that summer he meets three kids, a nice girl named Charlotte, a mean boy named Jillian, and Jack who becomes his best friend. August learns to face his fears,mean kids,friendships,graduation, and more of the continuous staring. This is a great book for kids and adults who like action, adventure, and sorrow.

One reason you should read the book is there is a lot of adventure in it. A ten year old boy named August, goes to a private school for the first time when he is old enough to start middle school. He meets a mean boy, a nice girl,and a best friend. He learned how to have friends,deal with bullies, and middle school.In the book August’s friend jack, is sick of the mean kid Julian and doesn’t see August behind him and says mean and unkind things about August. August doesn’t know the whole story and runs away. Later after they make up Julian is mad at Jack for choosing August instead of him and starts a “war.” But in the end it all works out fine.

Another reason to read this book is lots of action. There is always a secret being kept told or used against someone. When August’s best friend Jack,walk into the class room and Julian bullies Jack into saying mean things about August. When August walk into the class room he hears what Jack is saying about him and doesn’t talk to Jack for a week, until his new friend summer talks to jack and finds out why he said that and then they make up. Also there is always fighting between August,Summer, and Jack and Julian and the popular kids. Like when Julian’s group got mad at Jack and his friends and started a “war.” One more thing is that he is sick of being made fun of by Julian about his braid that he grew in the back of his head.August and his friend who moved away both have matching braids because they love star wars but he cut it off.

The last reason to read this book is that there is lots of sorrow. August is tormented by the mean kids,about the way he looks. Julian calls him ugly, teases him about his braid, and gets half of the school to turn against him. Also August’s sister Via has some friend issues herself going on.she is ignoring her friend Miranda because Miranda has changed a lot over the summer. It hurts August because Miranda was always so nice to him. Then to make matters worse their dog dies! August loved that dog more than anything in the whole word and then right when he needed her most she died.

Overall I think Wonder is a great book for lots over different age groups. I think there is all of the quality said great book needs.Action, adventure, drama, and sorrow. R.J Palacio did a great job with wonder. It is cool how he did a chapter on each of the different characters and told the whole story again in their perspective. Also at the beginning of each chapter there is a quote to describe that character. I think you and many others will enjoy the book Wonder.

– Addi Harris, grade 6


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