Slathbog’s Gold (Book One of Adventurer’s Wanted): Student Review



Adventurers Wanted: Slathbog’s Gold, is a very immersive book.  It lets you in on every little aspect of the amazing world that M.L. Forman has created.  The book starts in our normal world.  It introduces Alex as our main character.  He is a normal teenager living in a normal world.  One day a sign in a shop catches his eye.  It says “Adventurers wanted.”  Alex walks into the shop and is greeted by a strange man who calls himself Mr. Clutter.  Before Alex knows it he finds himself on an “adventure,” in a strange new world that Mr. Clutter has transported him to.  One of the best things about this book is the connection that you feel with the fellow members of the adventure.  Each and every character from Thrang the dwarf to Arconn the elf have interesting back stories and are very well fleshed out.  All throughout the adventure you feel a connection to the group.  Also another great thing about this book is the immersion.  From when the group camps out on a silent night, to the final battle with the dragon, Slathbog the red, you always feel like you are there, like you are part of the group.  Another thing that adds the immersion is that you learn about this new world with Alex.  The reader is never told outright about things, it is always told to Alex, which then you read and learn with him.  Its a very good way to introduce so many new things to the reader.  Finally I love the world that M.L. Forman has created.  There is never too many new things that you are overwhelmed, but never not enough things to make you amazed.  The pacing at which you are shown new things is perfect and keeps you excited throughout the whole book.  I can wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone who would like to read about an fantastical adventure and be amazed every step of the way.

– Jack Wellschlager, grade 7


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