The Trouble Gone Good: Student Book Review

true sort ofDelly always got into trouble, but once Ferris Boyd moved to her town she changed. Delly didn’t mean to get into trouble, it just kind of happened. She thought something would be fun and it turns out she is in the principle’s office or being sent to her room. Delly always smiled about about getting into trouble till one day. She started fighting. Delly was just sick of being called bad and trouble. The book True(…Sort Of) is a wonderful novel for young middle schoolers because of its ambitious characters, sad scenes, and cool settings.

The characters in the novel are very daring. For example when Delly was younger she stole her neighbors canoe and rode around in it during a school day. Another time was when she was about 5 or 6, she and her family were at a fair. Her parents were counting to see if they had all their kids, and Delly was the only one missing. They found her letting all the chickens out at the fair and yelling “Be Free!” I wouldn’t ever do that. Delly wasn’t even scared of Officer Tibbletts, the one who always confronted her. Another character is Ferris Boyd, she doesn’t talk and there’s a reason behind it. It’s not a disease, she just won’t talk. Is it because of the man in green impala, or something else? Read to find out! In addition to the characters, the scenes won’t let you put this book down.

The scenes in the book are very emotional. For example when no one can find Ferris Boyd, Delly gets so worried. She knows she can get into trouble but, she skips school and goes to the police station to find a Ferris Boyd. If my friend ran away and I was the only one knew it, I wouldn’t be able to stand it, I would do the same thing as Delly did. Or when Ferris’s only other friend, other then RB and Delly calls her an it. Before that Delly had gone months without trouble and then everyone saying that about Ferris just triggered her. Delly fought that kid, and right when the teacher came up Ferris spoke for the first
time. Her words were, “Delly Run!” Then Ferris crouches up into a ball and rolls back and forth because she spoke. RB and Delly don’t know what to do. Was Ferris worried if she talked something bad would happen to her? Beyond the scenes, the setting is sophisticated but, fun at the same time.

The setting in the book is funky. It shows how one minute a place can be the best place in the world, or just the safest but, worst place. For example Delly showed Ferris and RB the hideaways she made. They all were having fun, swimming and things. Then Delly saw it, something that made her sure of what her and RB had thought along. Should Delly tell anyone, should she tell her mom?

If the effect of the characters, the scenes, and the setting don’t already make you want to read the book, then I have one last reason. The reason is Delly stopped getting into trouble because one girl, that only talked once in her life, made her feel good without getting into trouble. Ferris made things fun for Delly, she had a friend. Her fun wasn’t just trouble fun, it was friend fun. True (…Sort Of ) is not just a boring old realistic fiction book, it’s about change, and it happened to not only Delly but, to Ferris too. Will Ferris talk once again, or will Delly stop altogether getting into trouble? Read the book to find


– Maeve Galway, 6th grade


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