Trouble In The White House: Student Review

white houseThe White House Christmas Mystery by Carole Marsh, is a novel about four kids, Christina, Grant, D.C, and April who visits the White House as an early Christmas gift. With Grant and Christina’s Mimi and Papa they tour the extravagant building with their tour guide, Edgar, April and D.C’s grandfather. But what they don’t know is that a miraculous mystery is waiting to occur. In addition, during their tour they get split up from the adults and explore many secret passages, four mysterious people, two talking trees, and a mystery that could lead to the demise of the White House. I would recommend the White House Christmas Mystery to elementary and middle school readers because it is full of suspense, creative scenes and wonderful cliffhangers.

The suspense in this novel is very captivating. For example, in chapter 15 April spoke the words, “Do you think we’d be able to hear her from up there?……..April asked turning to Grant…….There was no response……Grant?” Also, in chapter 6: “I don’t know which one is worse, this creepy place or a talking tree, said Christina……..I know what’s worse, said Grant…..The secret door closed behind us and now it won’t open!” As you can see the author incorporated a great amount of suspense in this novel, which you can find out more of by reading this incredible book. In addition, this story has more than just a remarkable amount of suspense, it also includes extraordinary creativity.

The creativity in the book’s scenes made it more more action-packed and fascinating to read. For example, the fact that the story takes place at the White House and the new predictions the kids get about the mystery is very intriguing to see their point of view of the mystery compared to yours. An example of when lots of creativity is shown is in chapter 7 page 49: “They’re out and about, he said in a grave voice….Yes I know…..Were doing all that we can…..We have to get them under control before they reach the Oval Office…..Oh no, Christina, there must be terrorists on the loose!” Furthermore, when I first read that line I thought that that was not the case. Therefore, if you decide to read this book I can guarantee you will enjoy seeing the differences of your thoughts compared to theirs. In addition, the best part about this book isn’t the astounding suspense or intriguing creativity, the best part is the exhilarating cliffhangers.

The many cliffhangers in this novel definitely made me want to continue reading. For example, in chapter 17: “She stooped under the table to see if anyone was hiding there……..A flash of light blasted her in the face, temporally blinding her, like a deer caught in a car’s headlights!……She screamed in terror and surprise.” Also, in chapter 7: “Before she went into the passageway herself, she glanced around the room to make sure that no one had seen them…….Christina slid through the door and closed it behind her…….As soon as she had done so, the lights went off!” As demonstrated there are many suspenseful cliffhangers in this book which adds more reasons to why you should read this fantastic novel. Because of the suspense, creative scenes, and cliffhangers The White House Christmas Mystery is undoubtedly a book students should consider reading. This novel is a mysterious, Christmas, White House delight because it teaches you all about the White House yet, isn’t a novel all about the facts, because Carolyn Keene makes it educational and enjoyable at the same time. Also, this one of a kind mystery book makes it so it’s unpredictable as to what will happen next.

Furthermore, this book is far from uninteresting so, it is guaranteed to be an enjoyment. I would suggest this book middle and elementary students to read and if you have as much fun as I did helping Christina and Grant solve this breathtaking mystery, then I would also consider reading many other of Carolyn Keene’s books such as The Mystery in Chocolate Town, or The New York City Mystery and many more.

– Ally Dixon, grade 6


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