Chasing Mavericks: Student Book Review

mavericks-final-600-264x400Chasing Mavericks is an amazing story about a young boy pursuing his dreams. Jay Moriarty turned in to one of the most famous surfers ever. This story tells you how he gets there.

The story starts off with young Jay Moriarty falling into the shivering water with large swells. A famous surfer Frosty just happened to be surfing that day and picked him right out of the water. Frosty later becomes his mentor and trains him to surf the biggest wave in the world.

This book I would recommend for people who enjoy aquatic activities and are over 10. They also made a movie about this. After you read the book I would recommend watching the movie because at some points the book gets confusing and it’s also cool to see the people surfing.

-Noah Lastner, grade 7


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