Fearless: Student Book Review

fearless-adam-brownI read the book, Fearless, by Eric Blehm. This book is a biography of a Navy SEAL from SEAL TEAM SIX, Adam Brown. I loved this book, it never got boring with accounts of Adam’s life and funny stories about him. This book does have action but not a ton, though it is still a very good read. This book tells you about Adam’s life and what lead him to make the biggest sacrifice a man could make: giving his life for his country. Adam was raised by a poorer family who bounced around the United States following work. Adam had great manners, was always polite, and was the kind of person who couldn’t stand bullying and would prevent it at all costs, even on the battlefield. He had a brother named Shawn and a sister named Manda. Adam did well in school and was a football star in high school, but dropped out of college because he did not know what he wanted to do with his life. Drugs then became his main focus.  He would steal and forge checks just to pay for his habit. While staying at friends house’s during his dark times, he claimed that he changed, but then ended up stealing from that friend and disappearing. Later, he was arrested, went to jail, and felt terrible about what he done. After jail, he went to Teen Challenge, a Christian drug treatment program. He graduated from Teen Challenge and fell in love with a girl named Kelley. She helped him get through  his drug problem, and later they got married. Adam still had to decide what he wanted to do with his life, and decided to become a Navy SEAL. Kelley and Adam later had 2 kids, a boy named Nathan and a girl named Savannah. He was known for his toughness, his loyalty, passion, and heart, never giving up, and accepting defeat. He did get banged up on the way to the top though, suffering a broken leg, losing all his fingers on his right hand (which they later sewed back on), a smashed kneecap, and losing his right eye. People would say Adam would never be able to come back  from these injuries, this motivated him to become even better and prove them wrong. He learned to overcome these challenges, and those qualities got him on SEAL TEAM SIX. Sadly, on Adam’s last deployment, Adam was killed in action by the Taliban. He gave his life for his country, protecting their freedom. This is the greatest sacrifice a man could ever make, with war, comes death. I recommend this book to mature readers who are looking for a great read. Even if you aren’t into war, READ THIS BOOK.

– AJ McNemar, grade 7


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