Loser: Student Book Review

loserThe book I read was Loser by Jerry Spinelli.  The book is about a boy by the name of Donald Zinkoff who is different from his classmates.  He is not aware that he is different from the other kids or what the others think of him.    It follows him growing up from first grade to sixth with stories about his adventures and beliefs in each grade

Donald is thought of as a loser because he does what he wants and likes and doesn’t care if it is what the rest of the kids are doing.  He is treated poorly by his classmates who tease him and he thinks they are being nice to him.  An example is when he is in fifth grade; his classmates do not want him to be on their team during Field Day because he was not good during Field Day the year before. He was surprised by this because a couple of weeks before he thought he was being treated nicely by the other kids because he got an A on a test. Actually they were making fun of him feeling he got the A by luck. He does not tell his teacher that they do not want him but instead skips school on field day.  When he comes in the next day, he hears that his team won Field Day without him.

Toward the end of the book, Donald helps look for a girl who is lost in a snowstorm.  The girl is found and Donald does not know that.  He keeps searching until he becomes so cold and sees and hears things that aren’t there.  He is rescued after 7 hours and returned to his parents.  The others see he is good hearted and that he doesn’t give up and begin to see the good things about him.

I like this story because it’s easy to relate to and see how everybody is different and that is OK.  It shows how different people can get along together.

-Kevin Haefner, grade 7


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