The Fall of Five: Student Book Review

THE_FALL_OF_FIVEThe book I am Number Four: The Fall of Five was definitely interesting to read. The author, Pittacus Lore, did an effective job of always making you want to read more and giving out little bits of information to keep you wondering how the book would play out. The book is told from three people’s point of view which makes you understand more details and make you want to keep reading because when a cliffhanger occurs you have to read another characters story. I found this both stressful and fun. Stressful, because you have just been captured in someone’s story and you want to find out what happens with them. Fun, because a character you could be thinking about two or more cliffhangers at one time. I think writing from different characters point of views was a smart idea.

Pittacus Lore packed this novel with a bunch of action which occurs when the characters fight a rival alien planet the Mogadorians. There was also a lot of character conflicts also with figuring out if you can trust people or not. This gives you a look on people’s personalties, if they do not trust easily they are probably hard, mean people, if they do trust easily, the are most likely nice, fun, people. You may not think it at first but those are great ways of really getting to know the characters. Although they are aliens the characters in this book are having the same problems as regular humans. It was refreshing to get the subject of war off your mind and to read about the love triangle with John, Sarah, and Six.

The war and fighting part of this book was very exciting to me but i wouldn’t be surprised if some people were surprised at the amount of fighting in this book. It seems like almost every five minutes a new battle was playing out which was a little overwhelming if you really like to “get into” your books. You have gotten attached to these characters and putting there lives on the line over and over again can be a little frightening if there are certain characters you adore in the book and don’t want to see them go. If you simply are reading the book for action than this is a great book for you.

The book is the fourth book in the “I am Number Four” series and it does not fail to live up to the first three because it has the action, drama, and suspense like the other three. Because of those three reasons you never want to put the book down. It is very easy to get into and before you know it you finish the book. I really enjoyed the surprising twists the author added to this book which you would never suspect. I strongly recommend reading this book because it will be very enjoyable and you will not dread reading it. I will definitely read the next book in the series if the author chooses to continue the series.


-Will Brodbeck, grade 7


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