H.I.V.E. Rogue: Student Book Review

H.I.V.E.H.I.V.E. is a book for action and adventure readers. Most of the book has action in it with very few parts where they are just talking, like in the beginning of a movie. H.I.V.E stands for Higher Institute of Villainous Education. This is the fifth book of the H.I.V.E. series so at first it may be a little hard to follow or understand. The characters roll in this book and that is how the story came to be where it is now. If you wanted to start the H.I.V.E. series I would start with, ” The Higher Institute of Villainous Education” which is light green with a boy jumping from a cart to another. The H.I.V.E. series is written by Mark Walden and he just produced a new H.I.V.E. book called, Zero Hour.

The main characters are Dr. Nero who is head of H.I.V.E., Professor Pike who is the Scientist, Natalya or Raven is Nero’s vicious but kind hearted assassin that goes on mission for him, Otto is a boy with the powers to control machines, Wing is Otto’s best friend who is very good at fighting, Shelby and Laura are both very good friends with each other and Otto and Wing. Shelby can pick any lock very quickly, even a security vault with her tools that she made herself. Laura is also very good with computers like Otto but she doesn’t have a superpower. Nigel and Franz are best friends and good friends with the others but aren’t really in the action. Dr. Darkroom is Nigel’s dad that was thought to be dead but came back. He is also the headmaster of G.L.O.V.E and one of Dr. Nero’s old friends. Sebastian Trent is the leader of H.O.P.E which are the good guys but are the bad guys in the story. Ghost is Sebastian’s assassin that is better and faster than raven because of her body armor that keeps her alive. She is very vicious with a desire for revenge on Raven for killing her sister in the previous book, Cypher is secretly Wings dad that has also secretly died but comes back fake dies again and comes back. Lucy is friends with Laura and Shelby and her power is a persuasiveness.

The book starts off with a few of the Globe members getting killed by Ghost and Otto. Otto was captured in the last book Dreadnought and was infected with Animus fluid which is basically a super AI (Artificial Intelligence) as a liquid that controls people and usually kills them. The only difference with Otto is that he had a chip imparted into his brain as an infant which now gives him his powers. The chip is called the Overlord and once it merges with the animus Overlord will be reborn and kill thousands of people. The G.L.O.V.E ,embers all meet and figure out that Otto is doing this so they send out a, “Find and Kill” to all of the assassins that are in G.L.O.V.E. Dr. Nero isn’t ok with that because Otto is one of his students and He owes Otto a lot for saving H.I.V.E. multiple times in the other books. Nero tells Raven all of this and Wing over here’s their conversation since all of his friends are missing Otto so Wing follows Raven to Brazil in a Shroud which is H.I.V.E’s helicopters. Once they land she tells him to come out since the Co2 levels were higher then normal in the helicopter from Wings breath. The H.O.P.E soldiers find them and capture them and ghost tortures Raven to tell them where H.I.V.E. is. Cypher captures Laura, Lucy, and Shelby and tries to kill them and escapes. They then break into H.O.P.E’s secret base and free Raven and Cypher frees Wing. Cypher and Wing capture Otto and meet up with Raven and the others. Raven kills Ghost with Wings help and they nearly kill Sebastian Trent. They extract the animus from Otto with the Final Protocol and Trent steps in it pointing a gun at Raven but the Animus envelops Trent in itself and it kills him. A H.O.P.E scientist performs and autopsy and the Animus shoots out and takes over the scientist and the scientist becomes the new Overlord.

So if you like action and adventure with a little suspense this would be the perfect book for you. I would give this a 5 star rating because I thought the book was written absolutely perfectly. I would give this book a 5 star rating because I like the plot and all the events that occur in the book. My favorite action parts in the book is where Laura, Shelby, Lucy, and Cypher break into H.O.P.E’s base and saving Otto and Raven. It’s my favorite part because of the explosions in the Hanger, animus taking over, helicopters crashing, missiles  exploding, and plot twists that may make you jump just by reading it. This is a book where there is less talking and more action with things that are realistic. It’s one of those books that seem real and aren’t like gosh and dang it. They have a few inappropriate words but not too many, just enough to make it more realistic. Every Chapter has at least one exciting part that makes you want to read on. You won’t want to put Rogue down. This book is also long with a total of 293 pages so you have a while to enjoy the story. If you like this book I would try Zero Hour to continue the story.

-Alexander Honick, 6th Grade


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