Adventurers Wanted: Horn of Moran – Student Book Review

the horn of moranI read Adventurers Wanted: Horn of Moran. This book is a sequel to Adventurers Wanted: Slathbog’s Gold. I loved Adventurers Wanted: Slathbog’s Gold. because of the genial and realistic characters that take you through the story, the amazing scenery and atmosphere of the wonderful land the main character Alex is taken into, and the way the reader learns about the world with Alex. I love Horn of Moran for the same reasons, and more. The story takes no time at all to get back into the adventuring from the first book. This time Alex and the host of characters from the last book need to retrieve the Horn of Moran and return it to Norsland. This book has a much larger scale story. In Slathbog’s Gold, it was a simpler story, all the adventurers were trying to do was get gold back from an evil dragon. It seemed very specific and didn’t show off too much of the amazing world the author managed to create. This time a war could happen if the Horn of Moran isn’t used to show the true king. This creates a tension that pervades throughout the whole story and makes you feel like much more people are involved then the adventurers.

The characters have grown since the last book, especially Alex. He is much more sure of himself and is slowly discovering more about his families past as adventurers.” This adds a layer of mystery to the story on top of the action and suspense. This book has so many intertwining plot’s, just between the group of adventurers, that it never gets boring and you discover new things all the time. This book truly does convey that sense of adventure that it strives for perfectly, and I can recommend it to anyone who remotely likes fantasy stories.

-Jack Wellschlager, 7th Grade


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