Anastasia’s Chosen Career: Student Book Review

anastasiaIn exactly one week Anastasia’s book report on “My Chosen Career,” is due. He dream job is to be a successful bookstore owner. In order to build self confidence and poise she decides to attend a one week modeling course up in Boston, Massachusetts. While there she has to also interview bookstore owner, Barbra Page, complete the modeling course, and write her book report. I think that Anastasia’s character and sense of humor is probably the best part of the book. The surrounding characters and their personalities are also very humorous.

The author describes Anastasia as a spunky, smart girl. Her family is made up of her little brother Henry, her Mother who is a painter, and her father who is an author also. In the book Anastasia’s personality are straightforward. Yet her sense of humor can be very sarcastic. I enjoy how she can be stuck in a situation and then say something totally crazy that either gets her in trouble or extends the situation.

Throughout the book Anastasia stays at three basic places every day. I like how the author describes her surroundings and how she interacts with them. For example, at the bookstore, Pages, it is described as a small, basement-like, apartment where a small, young woman named Barbra Page works the not so popular store. Anastasia acts like she is the bookstore assistant and is always answering calls and looking for books.

This book is filled with a funny and playful sense of humor, yet has life lessons in each situation Anastasia gets herself into. This book is only one in a series. I would recommend this book to any person who enjoys a story with friendship, fashion, a sense of humor and most of all, Anastasia.

-Annie Kostacopoulos, 7th Grade


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