Hardy Boy’s Mystery of the Spiral Bridge: Student Book Review

hardy boysThe book I read was called the Hardy Boy’s Mystery of the Spiral Bridge. It was a great book. In this book Frank and Joe Hardy’s friend was building a bridge in Kentucky but a group of crooks kept on destroying it. So he called in the boys dad. Then when he get’s there he finds out that this group of crooks was a mean and cruel gang. Then when his dad was spying on them they found him and beat him and then he managed to escape. When he gets back to Bayport their home he is put in the hospital for almost the whole book being almost killed. Thats when Joe and Frank call up their friends Chet, Tony, and Biff. Then the 5 boys go to Kentucky and act as workers on the bridge but their identity gets found out so they all go except Chet. Eventually each person gets hurt one by one. First it was Biff by being pushed down a hole, then Tony being punched in the face. They never could manage to get Joe or Frank. While Chet was on the construction site no one tried to hurt him. Then when it was just Joe and Frank left they finally met up with Chet. When they did they were chased after and they got away but they decided to follow the chasers and they led them to the hideout the boys could never find. Then Chet and Joe went in and were caught but they still had Frank. So Frank rescued them and they jumped in the water and was rescued. Then when they were getting out the police were there and they had all of the gang. And they saved the bridge.

This was a great book that a lot of people should read. I would give this a 4.8 out of 5 stars.

-Brent McVicker, 7th Grade


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