Jack Templar and The Lord of The Vampires: Student Book Review

jack templarI think Jack Templar and The Lord of The Vampires was one of my favorite books. It had a lot of action and suspense and after every chapter was left of with a cliff hanger and I just wanted to keep reading. In the book Jack Templar was trying to find the first Jerusalem Stone. There are five altogether, and if he finds them all then he will be able to defeat Ren Lecure. First jack goes to find a person that may give him a clue to finding The Lord of the vampires. Once he finds him he tells Jack that there is something that he will need to find if he wanted to kill The Lord of the vampires and get the first Jerusalem stone. But he only got a riddle to help him find it. Once he figured it out there was a big problem in the way, he had to climb something that was really tall and really hard to climb to get there. So while his friends figured out how to get to the thing, he and Eva, one of his friends, go to check out the underground tunnels, the catacombs in Paris. From there on out he fights and defeats many vampires. Will he defeat the Vampire lord and get the first Jerusalem stone? Read it to find out.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a lot of action, and plenty of suspense. Jeff Gunhus did an awesome job of giving every detail, even if it was a bit too detailed. He didn’t just leave off with, the vampires head was cut off. He said, “the vampire launched himself through the air, snarling, his arms and legs flailing about like he wasn’t quite sure how to control his vampiric body. He’d never have the chance to master it it because a great sweep of Daniel’s sword tore his head from his body and sent it sailing through the air.” (page 247 2nd to last paragraph 2nd sentence through last sentence in second to last paragraph)

-Paul Saum, 7th Grade


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