One for the Murphys: Student Book Review

OnefortheMurphys_low-ResOne for the Murphys Is about a 12 year old girl named Carley Connors. She lives in Las Vegas with her mom until one day she is put in foster care. Her mom was in the hospital. She never knew that this would happen. All that she remembered when sitting in the Social workers car was her mom in the hospital bed. Carley never thought this would ever happen to her. It never even crossed her mind that her mom could be sick and her put foster care. Could this get any worse for her? One for the Murphys has a captivating plot that will have you reading day and night. Lynda Mullaly Hunt has done a good job writing for middle school students.

The social worker found a family for her. When Carley now becomes one of the Murphys. She questions will my life ever be the same? Carley being the only child will have now three brothers. Ms.Murphy does a good job helping Carley open up to what is now, her new family the Murphys.

After time Carley feels more comfortable in her new environment. She’s getting along with her new “brothers” but has a different kind of relationship with them. She took being a sister to a whole another level when theres a bully in the neighborhood. Carley now feels like this is better then being with her mom now she and her siblings have gotten very close. Carley likes to teach Daniel the oldest Murphy boy who is close in age to her to play Basket ball. Carley likes to be the oldest to set a good role model for her younger siblings. When Carley is notified that her mom is released of the hospital she is so exited. But will this get her in a tricky position?

After her mom is out of the hospital her mom wants her back. But does Carley really want to go back to only being the only child? and breaking the Murphy’s inseparable relationship with Carley? Read One for the Murphys to find out.

– Melissa Wong, 6th Grade


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