Russian Roulette: Student Book Review

russian rouletteIn my opinion book Russian Roulette was a great addition to the Alex Rider book series, even though the main character was the enemy for Alex Rider, Yassen Gregorvich. It wasn’t exactly the same as all of the other books, what I mean by this is its over a longer period of time. It is more of a history of Yassen, and it was still in first person narrative.This was a very good idea by the author to have a book about the enemy. For one thing I read the Alex Rider series and was disappointed that it ended. There is just something about how the Anthony Horowitz writes that is so intriguing and you can not get it from many other books. He leaves lots of cliffhangers and plot twists. It makes you think of so many possibilities of how the book could end. In addition, when I was reading the whole Alex rider series I was confused about who Yassen was and this book cleared it all up. Finally, for a weird reason I like having a story behind the villain of a book. When you don’t the person is just evil and doing bad things for no apparent reason. But now you know their motives and it makes the person not totally evil. For Yassen his motive was just to survive. This book was great and had many great characteristics that made it fun to read, and I hope they keep on going with this “spin off” series of Alex Rider.

-Alex Lashgari, 6th Grade


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