Santa Paws Saves the Day: Student Book Review

santa pawsI liked the book Santa Paws saves the day. I know it sounds like a book or kids but I enjoyed the book because at some points i thought the book was exciting and fun but at some points it was boring but I liked it. Santa paws a little dog, finds a new friend that becomes his best friend they start doing everything together. Both of them start playing catch with the tennis ball, run around the yard together, digging holes together. On a calm cold winter day all the kids are watching tv and are surprised by their parents because they all get to go on a Christmas vacation with the whole Callahan family and the the dogs Santa Paws and his best friend cookie which is a lot smaller then Santa Paws.

All Santa Paws wants to do is to get as close to the fire as possible and eat or chew on his bone. Gregory and Patricia love skiing, snowboarding, and more. Gregory likes skiing more then Patricia or is better at skiing. He has been one a couple of slopes all ready but doesn’t think that he can do the hard trials or challenging ones. So he just keeps doing the other ones then these to kids come up brave kids that will try anything. They are talking to Gregory and are trying to talk him into going on the challenging ones he says no but they keep talking to him about it and finally get him to go along with them. Well that doesn’t turn out so good because Gregory gets gets trapped in the snow the family doesn’t know where he is so its up to Santa Paws to find him do you think he can find him? If you like suspense and excitement you should read this book.

-Kain Domenech, 7th Grade


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