The Haunted Bridge: Student Book Review

haunted bridgeThe Haunted Bridge by Carolyn Keene is a story about a young girl who finds herself a part of two intriguing mysteries, while maintaining her first place position during her golf tournament. Nancy knows that discovering the thriller of an old, abandoned, bridge, and ascertaining the secret of who had stolen the priceless, jeweled, compact, is a dangerous and difficult attempt; she knows she cannot face these complications alone. With the help of her two best friends, Bess, and George, Nancy manages to uncover these sustainable mysteries with fascinating clues along the way, and motivation as her guide. The Haunted Bridge is worthwhile read due to it’s dynamic characters, intriguing suspense, and it’s sensational cliffhangers.

The characters make the novel more captivating. For example, Nancy Drew, who has no fear of anything, not even an old bridge, that people claim is haunted. Also, that fact that she takes the risk of putting herself and her friends in danger by tracking down a malignant jewel thief. Additionally, in chapter four, Bess Marvin acts very petrified by the thought of visiting a haunted bridge, and wants to turn back immediately. Although, the act of her friends continuing the journey, forces her to continue as well. Specifically, in chapter four, “I’d like to visit the haunted bridge…..At once Bess objected……Oh, we shouldn’t go there alone, she murmured nervously…..Now don’t be silly, George chided her cousin….You know very well that there are no ghosts…..It’s only a story of course…….Stories seldom originate out of nothing, Bess retorted quickly……I know we’ll get into trouble…..Nancy and George promised they would be careful….Reluctantly Bess followed them out of the room.” As stated, this story is full of engaging characters that are guaranteed to have you reading this book with delight. Creative and unique characters isn’t all this book has to offer; another reason that makes The Haunted Bridge more astounding is the thriving suspense.

The suspense not only keeps the reader on their toes, but it also adds a mysterious effect to the story, making you never want to put the book down. For example, the different inferences the characters make about the clues they discover, helps you piece together the mystery as well. In addition, it will have you continue reading for more as expressed in chapter 13. Continually the book states, “Thinking that possibly Barty gone to the lounge to keep his appointment, she went there……….The room was empty…..Perplexed, Nancy turned to the lobby, and after standing there for several minutes finally decided to join her friends again………..She left the theater and crossed the street…….Suddenly she halted, staring blankly at the place where she had parked Ned’s car…….Bess, George, and the automobile had vanished!” As you can see, this preview of the suspense in this novel is quite fascinating to read. In Addition, there is much more suspense added to this novel that will keep you wondering what happens to Nancy and her friends next. Additionally, there are more astounding elements of this book than the extraordinary characters, and mysterious suspense; the most magnificent addition to the novel are the gripping cliffhangers.

The cliffhangers in the story, keeps the reader engaged and creates the urge to read the next chapter. For example, in chapter sixteen, Ned and Nancy are on a search for Margaret Judson, as they assume she has the answer to their mystery. Continually, in chapter sixteen, “That must be Margaret Judson!……  Nancy said excitedly…..After she’s inside we’ll knock….They watched the shadowy figure leave the car and enter the large white house……Soon the lower floor was flooded with light…..The young woman closed the window blinds……Shall we go now?…….Nancy suggested……She and Ned went to the front door and pressed the doorbell…..Presently they heard footsteps.” Also, in chapter seven, Nancy and her friends are in the woods and they see Martin Bartescue in his golf tournament. Specifically, chapter seven says, “Satisfied that no one was watching, he took an iron club and deftly raked the ball from the hollow spot in which it had lodged…..Now, with it lying in a unobstructed path to the fairway, he played a clean shot out of the woods….Did you see that?…. Nancy whispered in great disgust…..He cheated!” As stated the book includes numerous cliffhangers; this also adds to the many reasons of why The Haunted Bridge, is a marvelous book that you won’t regret if you read it.

Because of the characters, suspense, and cliffhangers, The Haunted Bridge is without doubt, a book middle school students would enjoy reading. In case I haven’t convinced you to read this marvelous story yet, the scene when Nancy discovers the anonymous chest, definitely will make your decision of reading this novel. Continually, Nancy and her friends walk through the woods near the supposedly, haunted bridge. They are on the searching for Nancy’s lucky golf ball, so she is sure to win the tournament; until they encounter a mysterious chest hidden in the mud. Therefore, they take it back to their hotel and find it being locked. Later on they break it open; Nancy then opens the chest and inside she finds…Could Nancy have found the answer to her mystery? Read The Haunted Bridge to find out, as it is guaranteed to have you reading until the end. In addition, if you have as much enjoyment helping Nancy unwrap the mystery as I did; you should consider reading, The clue of the Velvet Mask.

-Ally Dixon, 6th Grade


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