The Theft and the Miracle: Student Book Review

theft and miracleThe Theft and the Miracle written by Rebecca Wade is about a 15 year old girl, Hannah Price, and her best friend Sam Fallon and their attempt. On a cold, rainy day, ordinary Hannah Price stumbles into the cathedral and does something extraordinary almost in a trance, she makes a perfect drawing of an antique carving of the Virgin and Child, capturing their every detail. The next day the statue of the Child is taken from the Virgin’s arms, and a few days later Hannah is interviewed by the police. Soon, strange things start happening to her. An odd man keeps appearing. The portrait she painted of her best friend, Sam, is vandalized. Is it all related to the theft? Hannah is determined to find the statue. In the book The Theft and the Miracle Hannah Price is the main character as she was in the second book The Whispering House. The Theft and the Miracle was a thrilling book, you didn’t know what was coming next. The theft and the miracle is also a mysterious book, you didn’t know who did what, it keeps the reader guessing and at the edge of their seats, until the end. Finally, The Theft and the Miracle has a great mysterious genre.

The Theft and the Miracle was a thrilling book because there were so many twist and turns that you never knew what was coming next so it keeps the reader at the edge of their seat. For example when Hannah was in Mr, Clemens basement to see if he took the painting of Sam that Hannah had painted her self, Hannah here’s someone coming down the stairs, Hannah has no place to hide, the door creeks open, and behind the door was Sam.

The Theft and the Miracle was a mysterious book because you didn’t know who or what put the hole in the painting and you didn’t know stole the painting until the end. For example when Hannah and Sam were at their weeks end and were about to give up, Hannah’s mom came in and said “Hannah sorry I didn’t have time to tell you this but I stepped on your painting by accident and then it was so ruined that I had to throw it away.

The Theft and the Miracle was a great book over all because of its mysterious genre. I don’t think that I could imagine this book have any other genre. Rebecca Wade is a very good mystery writer because she knows how to grab the readers attention and keep them of the edge of their seats till the end of the book.Over all I think that The Theft and the Miracle is a great mystery book and I do recommend it to mystery lovers.

– Caroline Hugo, 6th Grade


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