Zach’s Lie: Student Book Review

zachs lieThe book, Zach’s Lie by Roland Smith is a suspenseful, engaging novel that would appeal mostly to readers of action/adventure. Zach Granger has a big lie, everything. After an emotion-evoking set of events happens to his family, Zach, his mom, and his sister are forced to move out of their home and enter the witness protection program. Zach’s dad enters jail. Everything about Zach’s new life is a lie. His name, and even where he’s from.

In this book, the author uses an engaging plot and mood that makes the reader feel like they are in the book. The plot is lively with action, as you follow the constant antics of Zach and all of the new people he meets. Along with this, the chapters end in a hook to keep the reader engaged, and wanting to read on. The mood that the author sets is very evident throughout the whole novel. The author uses a dreary, confused, and sometimes exciting mood, and very well conveys what the characters would be feeling.

Due to its action packed plot, I would recommended this book to readers of action or adventure. This can appeal to light action/adventure readers, but still be very in depth and engaging. Some of the scenes and ideas could be hard for young kids. I recommend this book for anybody 12 and over.

Rating: 9/10

-Ben Berlin, 6th Grade


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