Nearfall: Student Review

nearfallNearfall is a spectacular novel written from a wrestler’s perspective, named Joe Reasebeck. This book was one of my all time favorites because of the way it portrayed two brothers and their wrestling careers. This book is about two brothers Mike and Matt. Mike’s friend Dan is one of the best wrestlers in town. He has won several championships and had gone to states and nationals. My favorite part is when Matt gets beat up at school. This might sound bad but this is the reason he was inspired to join and commit to the school’s wrestling team. This novel is about the brothers growing up together as wrestlers and their spectacular careers. I have two favorite characters in this book. They are the two brothers Matt and Mike. I enjoyed reading about their epic journey throughout wrestling. The two brothers never gave up and never stopped working at what they loved. As a wrestler I was very inspired, while reading this novel. I think this book is for ages 8-16. I would also recommend this book to wrestlers or anyone who wants to wrestle. This book is a very well written book by a young and new author. – Evan Judge, 8th Grade


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