Ashfall: Student Book Review

ashfallAshfall appeals to lovers of many different kinds of books. The book is full of action and adventure along with the characteristics of a love story. The reader can see the characteristics of action and adventure throughout the entire book. An example of action and adventure is: “That left him wide open for a round kick. I unloaded on him: one of those perfect, sweeping kicks that, on a punching bag at Cedar Falls Taekwondo, would have produced an echoing a slap. But I wasn’t kicking a punching bag- I was kicking Target in the nuts. He screamed and doubled over, dropping the gun and bat. He spun and ran for the door with his hands up around his head, trying to protect himself from our murderous blows” (Mullin 204). There are many other examples of action and adventure, this was just one of the examples that stuck with me. Additionally characteristics of a love story are evident in the relationship between Alex and Darla. An example of their relationship is: “It wasn’t all bad, though, I could spend an entire hour staring at Darla, not that here was anything all that thrilling about either of us right then. We were tired, hungry, and wrapped in multiple layers of filthy winter clothing. None of that mattered to me; I was in love” (Mullin 353). – Andrew Medile, 9th Grade


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