Crackback: Student Book Review

crackbackI would recommend Crackback by John Coy to any high school male who is looking for an action filled book. One reason I would recommend this book to that group is because it is a about a high school football player, and it is very action filled which I think is a common thing teenage boys enjoy reading. Another reason I would recommend this book to a high school male is because it is written in first person from the perspective of a junior in high school so these readers could probably relate to many of the main character, Miles Manning’s thoughts. Also, the main character faces many problems that the reader may also face throughout high school, such as a coach they may not like, or coming across drugs that might not be safe, and it may be beneficial to them to see how someone else handles these challenges. Overall it was a very action filled and exciting book, and I would recommend it to any high school male. – Michael Lamon, 9th Grade


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